Feinger Installation Instructions

Below are the suggested steps for the installation of your Feinger system onto your mobile device. For the optimal performance of your Feinger, we encourage you to follow the instructions.

Step 1:
Slide the neoprene Feinger Sleeve on your finger that is most comfortable.

Step 2:
Hold your mobile device in your hand as you would use it and take note of where the ball touches the back of your device.

Step 3:
Use the alcohol swab supplied in this package to clean the surface of your device in the area where the ball touched your device in Step 2.

Step 4:
Remove the tab from the bottom of the knuckle to expose the adhesive and apply the knuckle, with pressure, to your device in the area determined in Step 2. Allow 12 - 15 minutes for optimal adhesive set up. (For best results apply in an environment with a minimum 67°F temperature.)

Step 5:
Slide your Feinger Sleeve on and Pop It, Lock It, You Won’t Drop It!TM